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Earmuffs are so three decades ago.

The weather is getting chilly. I know you hate it, but you don't have to. Growing up if your mom didn't make you put on earmuffs when you went out, you missed out on childhood. Okay, maybe not -- but everyone had a pair of earmuffs. If you happen to watch Scream Queens [which you should], Chanel No. 5 happens to faithfully wear a fuzzy pink pair every episode. Although they are rather cute and fashionable, I don't see that trend resurfacing anytime soon -- but there happens to be something much better.
Allow me to introduce you to earmuffs half sister, better known as the knit headband. These knit headbands come in an assortment of styles and colors to match your style and mood for the day. They keep your ears warm and are super stylish. The great thing about these headbands in comparison to hats and earmuffs is that you can throw this on no matter what your hairstyle for the day. Whether you're wearing your hair up or down, it works. To see just how stylish these knit headbands are, keep scrolling and order yourself a couple before it gets too cold.

Ladies, are you loving this trend?