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someone kick me! I just started to watch this anime, it's not new or anything either but I love it! in every anime I like to find my favorite character and someone I can identify myself with....and that goes out to Shizuo Heiwajima. eh thats says a lot about me haha I have fav characters all over, but in shizuo I find a twin of sorts.
I'm sort of temperamental lol the world should be glad I'm not as strong as shizuo. much like shizuo "I don't know what it is I can't control it " I can't control my temper, wish I could but always end up doing dumb things. I find myself loving this character laughing as I compare my self to him -minus the strong part lol
when I was younger I threw things around a lot more haha now most of the time I get mad easily but inside my mind things play out much more like durararas scenes with shizuo. well truly I like this anime so far but could not get over how cool this dude is.
@electica & @levimcf If I'm not mistaken the first pic was taken from season one in the park as he fought the children of the slasher. He is also the character I identify with lol
yeah! I hardly ever just sit and watch @levimcf
possible I missed it sometimes I multitask x)
I did read it, but I wasn't sure if that was the name of the anime.
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