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So ive been thinking lately what would I want to do if I got the opportunity to hang out with any idol for just one day and I want to know from you guys. We all have one idol we absolutely want to spend time with so

Who would you want to hangout with and why?

I would of course want to hang out with the King Himself Jiyongi♥♡ What would I want to do? most of you would think I would say get married(that would be a dream) But seriously heres what I would want to do: First after I get over the fact that i just met GD I would(for some odd reason) want to go to a spa type place and get manicures/pedicures with him, I think it would be relaxing yet fun and it would give us time to get to know each other in a relaxing setting. Then after we finished there I would want to go shopping because we all know he is the King of fashion and I would want his opinion on what to wear .and I would not let him pay for anything the whole day , I would simply like to treat him for the entire day♡ Then after shopping we would most likely be hungry so I would want to go to a little mom/pop diner and just talk about life and share everything with each other thats pretty much the reason I want to meet him to actually sit and have a meaningful conversation , person to person and not celeb to fan. after all that before our day together comes to an end I would love to either go glow in the dark mini golfing (cheesy I know but I think with him it would be perfect) and finish our day with a late night tattoo session and we could get the cheesiest matching tattoos ever lol This is pretty much how I would spend my day with Jiyongi♡ nothing crazy , maybe only a few pictures that would only be shared between us and I would just want to give him a day where he can relax and hang out like any other person and forget about all the fame for the day ♡
@thePinkPrincess That would be perfect and he would definitely love that lol @deilig that sounds like fun I just couldn't do it because im like jhope I hate roller coasters lol @DenieceSuit yes! it is really hard because I would love to hang out with all of them @micahirene that would seriously be perfect spending the day with YoungBae hes a total sweetheart so that would be amazing
Obviously Jin!! Idk what we would do I guess just go around to our favorite food places and eat XD
probably Seungri he appears to be lots of fun and I will definitely ask a lotta questions like if nyongtory is real, and let him know how real it is in my head and how much I adore them, well that amidst a billion other questions
hehe, ain't he though. :)
@mszmarclyne93 I agree hes hilarious, adorable and the sweetest thing ever!
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