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Yup, it's all right there- Snow White!

If you want a little more detail, keep reading!

For anyone who has read one of my first cards about my cosplay experience, I'd like to introduce myself! I've been popping up around Vingle, loving to read people's stories, interests, adventures, and so many fascinating cards about practically anything! I've made so many great friends here and I've realized I know everyone's story or so, but no one knows me. My name's Adriana, but online, I like to be called luci, because of my middle name: Adriana Lucia. (I love my name, my first=dark or dark earth, and my second=light, which describes me just fine!) I'm wholeheartedly kind and sweet, but I have the short temper of a cannon . But apparently to my peers, I'm short and cute so I pose no harm. I love to write, read, hug my many many cats (don't judge), and I'm currently in Miami studying to be a Doctor of Physical Therapy, with some creative writing on the side. I hope to publish my fiction book one day, which I've been working on for years. My motto: Bring Power into Your Words. I'm Venezuelan-American, meaning I was born in Miami, Fl, but my entire family is Venezuelan-born. Yup, I'm the first to have been born here in the U.S. The second born is my little sister, who's seventeen now (she's growing up so fast, *cry*)

And for the love of fish,

I'm eighteen years old. I apologize if I look younger, 'cause there have been too many times that I've been mistaken for younger and yet my physique is NOT childish.

(sorry, my temper is escaping,again... *ahem*) So! Now that you know me, I'd like to say that...

I'm cosplaying a modern Snow White for Animate!Miami this weekend!

The color scheme is hard to keep up with, cause I'm a dark-color wearing girl and I wear no yellow! BUT as long as I have fun and I look good, I'll be fine XDD So far, I have a blue shirt, red skirt, black highheels, and black tights, and I carry some pretty cool dragon jewelry, 'cause my life isn't without some badass dragons. (I may have a slight obsession...along with elephants...) Yeah, I know it doesn't sound like Snow White at all, but I'm making the best of my outfits! I deserve to have fun cosplaying after a rough semester! I bought red ribbon for the headband, trying to find some yellow to include it into the cosplay (I'm a hugely anxious person so yellow isn't usually a common color for me. Iif you don't know what I mean, look at my card about lock screen colors changing your mood. (I don't know how to tag it, I'm sorry!)

I can't wait for the convention!!! ^////^

OKAY, anyway! I figured my cosplay should be something that resembled me in a way so I won't feel like too much of an imposter (since it's hard to get materials together sometimes).

It usually takes a whole lot of bravery out of me to dress the way I want to conventions without worrying about criticism or negativity ( which ends up not happening at all cause Miami has some rock-hard friendliness and support for cosplayers, no matter who they are).

Here's how I measured my decision:

1. I'm 5'0 and curvy. I'm short for a cute anime cosplay, but I have a womanly physique so it wouldn't bring me the confidence I should be having. I would just end up comparing myself to someone thinner or slender. 2. I love Disney and it's pretty easy to dress like a princess and still bring a little bit of myself into it. My favorite princesses are Mulan, Snow White, and Cinderella. 3. I have a bob of rich brown curly hair and my hair is WAY too short to style it in any way. 4. For my friend's early costume party last weekend, I dressed as some strange Snow White with the same paper guns I had from my Lucy Heartfilia cosplay to look more, I guess serious and badass, though I probably ended up attracting too much male attention. *shudder* Anyway! Putting aside the paper guns, getting some yellow into my outfit and buying some real red ribbon instead of a bow headband, I decided to tweak it into a better version of my original dress-up. And out borne, my own version of a modern Snow White. Still short, still supposedly cute Snow White with some curls and a bit of some refreshing makeup, instead of a rich bright red lipstick. I don't actually touch lipstick, it doesn't work for me Q.Q I'm not trying to offend anyone in this card! Some dark colors here and there to bring a bit of her stepmother into it (and my dark tastes), and I'm all set ^.^ I sound like I'm writing a recipe... Here it is! I'm really nervous but, uh, I hope you think it's at least good enough to wear at a convention @.@

The point of cosplayers is to have fun, right?

I know, I'm missing the red ribbon, and the yellow in my outfit, and it's not anything special, but I think I did okay.

I'll be posting a card next week about my experience at Animate!Miami !! Lots and lots of pictures!

I hope you enjoyed my card! Comment or like if you want! *bows dramatically*
@Luci546 Haha thanks for the encouragement cx Google is a person`s best friend for sure hahaha and yay! I'll remember to tag you if I ever do cosplay ^^ @shannonl5 I want to do Pocahontas!!! How about you?!
@RaquelArredondo Aww c: If you really like it, keep trying ^.^ And honestly, my best friend is Google XDD I'll be here to see you if you ever do cosplay!!
it's really fun! :3 @RaquelArredondo
Ohhhh how fascinating!! It must be nice to cosplay ^`
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