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The One Foundation Mistake We Are All Making

Thanks to Beyonce, we all have the same goal.

Waking up flawless is definitely the end goal, but if we can't wake up that way we will make it appear as if we did. We all have our own specific makeup routine. Before applying your makeup you probably wash your face and moisturize. Moisturizing is definitely key, always. You wouldn't paint on a dirty canvas would you? Moisturizing your faces ensures that you've locked in all the moisture and you have a smooth, clean palette ready to apply your foundation. So, we've all got that part down packed -- right? Well, somewhat. Unfortunately, when it comes to applying our moisturizer and applying our foundation we don't give ourselves anytime in between instead we rush right into the process of beating our face.
If you've ever questioned why your makeup doesn't go on smooth or appears blotchy throughout the day, it's because you don't give your moisturizer time to seep into your skin before you apply your foundation. You wouldn't dive right into dessert before letting your dinner digest would you? Okay, well maybe some of you would, but you shouldn't. Give yourself time in between. Try to focus on doing your hair or getting dressed while your moisturizer does its job. We've all made this mistake, so don't feel bad. Just make sure you let these little tip sink in so next time you don't forget to let it sink in.
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