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If you've never seen the movie Up, you haven't lived.

The Pixar film "Up" came out in 2009 and let's just say, it was a love story in animation form. I've shed many tears during films, but this film changed me. It taught me the true meaning of love and I took something from it. Not too many films these days have the ability to do such a thing. So when I stumbled upon an article about an elderly couple recreating a scene from the film for their 60th anniversary, I felt extremely warm inside and had to share such amazingness. Not only are they dressed like the grandmother and grandmother from the film, but they also live in a similar house and have an adventure book just like the one in "Up".
Whether this was planned or not, the entire idea is extremely adorable and makes me appreciate couples who have the ability to withstand anything because of how strong their love for one another is. Pianist and grandson of the lovely couple, Jason Lyle Black talks about how his grandparents were so pleased to take part in the video and they've been playing duets together on the piano for about as long as he can remember. "[m]y grandparents were very excited to be part of this video" and "[t]his will be a family treasure for all of us", says Black. Love is such a beautiful thing, especially love between two people who have stuck it out through better or worse. Check out the beautiful video [above] and try not to shed too many tears.
I'm dying right now. This is too cute.
also, have you seen Jason's awesome video where he plays the piano backwards with his little sister?? check out their frozen duet. AMAZING!!
It hurts my heart!! hahaha
aren't they so perfect! @allischaaff
yes, they are extremely adorable! @SydneyHogg
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