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Every one should already know what movie this is from but if not, it is from the movie, "The Shining", except there's no cat in the movie. lol. But I thought this was hilarious because i recently read a story about a crazy cat that attacked a baby and then chased the whole family inclding the dog after being kicked by the Father of the family who was trying to protect the baby. The cat had them hiding in a room and continued to terrorize them, clawing at the door and hissing while they called the police. The police captured the cat. The baby was okay, but now they are considering keeping the cat. lol seriously??? The cat has a history of violent outbursts. I think they are insane. What part of "your cat wants to kill your baby" do they not understand? Anyway, this picture made me think of that.
@nicolejb @danidee yeah they can be the swee est. i love cats. even one i used to have was pretty crazy but never became violent. i sort of wonder if the cat had been abused. but thats just speculation. but yeah it's s2ry i had nightmares abov being attacked by a cat. i got this story from but now, when i try to access anything from that site, it says error 404.
Lol this would be such a weird twist for the shining XD
Bahahahahha I love everything that has to do with The Shining
That sounds horrifying. D:
This is so frightening!! haha I don’t all cats are like that though. they can be good sometimes :)