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Correction, there are 3 teams. The Pats, the Browns, and the Bengals. Heres why; The Patriots are cheaters. Thats been called by so many teams that its not even funny anymore. I hate the browns not because of the team or players but because of the fans. I work for a Contracter that rehabs the inside of foreclosed houses for the banks. I travel from Upper New York to N.J, Pennsylvania, Maryland (my home state), Delaware, and Virginia. Ive met all kinds of fans but the browns fans are so damn arrogant and rude and have no reason to be. And as far as the Bengals go I cant stand the organization OR all the hype thats been around their whole team for the last 4 years. Theyre QB is veing "hailed" as an amazing QB and an "Elite" QB and yet hasnt one a playoff game once in that time. Mean while my team has made it to the playoffs 6 of 7 years and won a superbowl (should have won the year before as well but were robbed in the championship) and yet my team, and its QB who set and tie all kinds of records have gotten little to no praise at all and I think its bs. I have friends who are steeler fans, cowboys, and eagle fans and yet THEY even see it. I hate it. To me its more than just a division game its the only time that I as a fan actually can get roudy with some of their smug fans. I know that sounds perty but people who know me and those around me know that I dont get excited about much but when I do things get wild :)
@Straightshooter Haha why so much hate on the Bengals?
What did the Bengals do?
but that its nothing against the players, just the coaching and team staff. The players are pretty badass and thats awesome that you actually no someone on their team @manbungo2000
no offense to ANY Bengals fans out there, but FUCK THE BENGALS. They are the ONE TEAM, other than the pats, that I cant stand.
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