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After 14 Seasons And 900 Explosions, ‘MythBusters’ Is Coming To An End
All good things come to an end.
After 248 episodes, 2,950 experiments, 1,050 myths, and 900 explosions, hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will say goodbye to the series Mythbusters this winter.
Mythbusters was a great show that attempted to investigate urban legends and expose the truth to the masses.
With that being said, the show hasn't been the same since the show let go its M7 Build Team (Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara). Savage addressed some of this in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, which broke the story.
“The thing that really makes me happy is most cable shows like ours just end. They get past their freshness date, you finish a season and then you hear you’ll never see another one. I truly thought that’s the way Mythbusters would end. We’ve been filming the last season this year and we get to send it off. We get to pay homage to this thing that’s changed our lives.”

I am truly sad to see Mythbusters go.

Sometimes you don't appreciate a good thing until it's gone. Mythbusters will surely fall into that category in the next couple of years. The show was one of those programs that anyone from any walk of live could enjoy.
Good luck guys.
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Awwww. That's too bad. I really enjoy this show. They had a great run!!!
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Wow! Yeah, I had no idea that it was on for so long. I think it's a great show lol. I used to watch it in science class when our teachers needed something a little less boring lol. @ButterflyBlu did you ever watch it at school?
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.......can't believe this. Please tell me this ain't true.
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@TessStevens yes, we did watch it at school. I remember my TAG teacher showing it to us the first time. She would ask us a question and we'd discuss/debate our answers. Then she'd show us the Mythbuster's episode to help prove who was right and wrong. We kept a poster with a running scoreboard. Lol. It was a lot of fun!! I loved it. I will definitely do this same thing with my son! ^.^ @nicolejb @mchlyang I feel the same way!!
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