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This is me!

Hello, my name is Bianca! I am hoping to get as much followers as I want to, but I doubt that'll ever happen. My limit for right now is 100 followers, so I hope to get that much around this time. If the few followers that I'm following back right now could, I would love them very much if they'd set a shoutout for me on here! Also I am on Instagram, so if you'd like to follow me on there you could! My username is @UchihaBabz, so just look me up, and follow me! I also have a Facebook, which I use almost everyday, you can friend, or follow me on there too, no biggie. My name there is Bianca Silva, but the one I'm recently using right now is Łove Bianca, and you'll see that I have a Sakura (Haruno) Uchiha profile picture, of her wearing only an apron.☺️ Anyways, I'd appreciate all of this, so please, and thank you! I hope to get to know all of you Anime lovers out there, hehe.😁