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How sweet it is to be asking a question like this.

I certainly didn't think the Mets would be here. I'm not even sure the Mets thought the Mets would be here.

But, alas. Here we are. So let's figure out where to go next.

Game 1 has to go to Jacob deGrom.

While at times it has seemed like deGrom has been without his best stuff in the playoffs, he has buckled down and pitched tougher and smarter than anyone else. He's gritty when he doesn't have his stuff, and when he does, he's just downright nasty.
deGrom is 3-0 in the playoffs with 4 ER over 20.0 innings. That's damn good. He's also struck out 27 batters while walking just five. Sounds like an ace to me. Give him the ball in Game 1, no matter who the Mets are playing.

Game 2 is a little bit debatable, but I'm giving it to Matt Harvey over Noah Syndergaard.

Syndergaard has been dirty, but Harvey is the guy for this role. In two starts this postseason, Harvey has gone 12.2 innings and allowed 4 runs. He has 16 strikeouts and four walks. But what really impressed me was his last start, in Game 1 vs. Chicago. It was absolutely freezing in that game, and I loved watching him grind in the cold and completely silence the Cubs then-hot bats. Harvey's got a playoff aura about him and I want to see him early in the series.

If Harvey's got Game 2, Syndergaard is getting Game 3, no question about it.

The big right hander is an absolute tank and I trust him in virtually any spot. So far in the playoffs, Syndergaard has pitched 13 innings to a 1-1 record. He's appeared three times - one of the three was a lights-out one inning relief cameo and the other two were starts. He can shut down any lineup in the league when he's got his fastball moving and grooving and he oozes confidence. I'll feel really good going into Game 3 with Syndergaard on the hill
Beyond those three, I just don't think I'm ready to give rookie Steven Matz a start in the World Series. Matz is going to have his time, there's no doubt about that; he's as talented as talented comes and I absolutely love having him on the team.
But he's looked a little shaky under pressure in the playoffs. No, he hasn't been bad - not even close to bad, really - but this is a stage that he won't know anything about. It's so easy to forget that he only started six games during the regular season after being called up. This guy's a real greenhorn and I just don't think he's ready for a potential Game 4 of the World Series. If the Mets are up 3-0, maybe. If it's a must-win game, I'd rather see deGrom go out there on short rest, honestly.
My gut is that they will let Matz give it a go in Game 4 to avoid rushing deGrom's recovery. They'll have the ageless Bartolo Colon (who actually got the win in relief of Matz in Game 4 of the NLCS) ready to go at a moment's notice.

What do you think? Do I have the right idea about the Mets' rotation or would you like to give Matz the reins in Game 4?

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