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With the Mets having done their job, it's time to watch on as the American League figures out who their World Series representative will be.

With the ALCS currently in favor of Kansas City 3-2 but shifting back to Toronto for Games 6 and 7, it's anyone's guess who will take the win. If you're the Mets, who would you rather see?

The case for the Blue Jays

On one hand, I'd like to see the Blue Jays come back and beat the Royals. Kansas City was disappointed by losing in the World Series last year and they will surely be hungrier than ever to avenge that loss. I don't want to face that kind of fire.
Toronto is a great team, but they rely too much on their hitting. Granted, they have the best offense in the league in all likelihood - Josh Donaldson, Troy Tulowitski, Edwin Encarnacion, Joey Bautista...the list goes on. However, their pitching leaves a lot to be desired. And with the way the Mets have been pitching, I think they could potentially shut down the Blue Jays' offense, while feasting on their sub-par rotation. If the Mets are able to pitch well, putting up a solid amount of runs against the Blue Jays shouldn't be too much of an issue for this red-hot Mets lineup.

The case for the Royals

On the other hand, facing the Royals could create the best chance for the Mets to win. Kansas City is a great team, but they are a little bit less consistent. Like the Mets, they're a very young team. The difference is that they were in this place last season, but lost in the World Series to the Giants.
They have a solid lineup - not quite as powerful as Toronto's, but deep all the same - and also struggle with starting pitching. Johnny Cueto is totally unpredictable and the Mets could feast on him. There is only one true ace on the Royals (Yordano Ventura) and beyond him, I'm not sure Kansas City has another pitcher that could shut down the Mets with the way they're playing.

All things considered, I'd rather face Kansas City.

I'm slightly less afraid of their offense as compared to Toronto's, and neither team really scares me with its pitching. Plus, if the Royals make it, that means the World Series will be played in Kansas City. What does that mean?
Well, I live in St. Louis. And Kansas City is 4.5 hours driving from my home. So.... yeah. If the Royals make it, I don't think I'd have a choice but to hop in the car and head across the state to go see my Mets play (even if I couldn't afford to get into the stadium, just being in town would be an experience!).
So I guess I'm biased, because I'd love to go see my Mets play in Missouri.

Who do you think is the better matchup for the Mets?