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The Wale and Meek Mill feud has hit an all time high this week.
Wale had a lot on his mind during this morning’s stop at “The Breakfast Club.” The DC native shared his thoughts on his relationship with his MMG label and also shared his thoughts on Meek Mill, in particular the Meek Mill vs. Drake battle.
On Meek vs. Drake: I just feel like, and this is me speaking as someone who has been in the industry for a long time, I honestly feel like [Meek] brought a pencil to a gun fight…You can’t compete with someobdoy who has those types of relationship. I’m telling every one who thought Meek lost just off the strength of losing, it doesn’t matter what he made, he could have made “Ether 3.0″, the opinions of the people would have been that of the kid from Toronto waxed him. Drake went to Apple and my man went to Funk Flex–and there’s nothing wrong with Flex–but we talking about Apple, breh. They heard Drake’s joints all around the world.
Meek didn't like the comment from Wale and hopped on social media to share his thoughts.
According to Meek Mill, MMG is tired of Wale and proclaims that Wale is out of the group.
"Ni%%s be doing all of this to drop a record, gossiping about they hoe ass feelings and they personal life because they miserable and nobody don't rock with them!" said Meek Mill on Instagram. The Philly rapper later followed up the statement by saying "He not MMG anymore I'm making that call."
Though Meek isn’t technically qualified to kick Wale out of Maybach Music Group, he seems to be echoing the sentiments of MMG boss, Rick Ross who hopped on IG to share a picture of him and Meek Mill with the caption "When Ni%%s be broke they talk more."
Looks like Wale may need to find a new label situation.