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hope u get what u want
Always buys you lunch: Rap monster Listens to you complain: Jhope Gets jealous when you ignore them: Kookie After work drinking buddy: Jin Drunk texts you on weekends: Suga Always crashes at your apartment: Kookie Texts you every night: Jin Steal glances at you when your not looking: Kookie Confesses to you: Jhope 馃槉馃槉馃挆馃挆 so to come in conclusion Kookie has a crush on me but Jhope confessed to me first 馃挌 I like this, I should make a click and drag game myself
Always Buys You Lunch: Sugar Listen To You Complain: Jiminie Gets Jealous When You Ignore Them: Jamjoon After Work Drinking Buddy: Jamjoon (this would totally be my second choice for this one so yay!) Drunk Texts You On Weekends: Jiminie Always Crashes at Your Apartment: Jamjoon(it's cause we drink together and we go hard duh) Texts You Every Night: Taehyung Steals Glances at You When You Aren't Looking: Hobi Confesses: JIN! 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
Always buys you lunch: Jungkook Listens to complaints: Jin Gets jealous when u ignore them: Namjoon (Rapmon) After work drink buddy: Jungkook Drunk texts you on weekends: Hoseok (J-hope) Always crashes at aptmnt.: Namjoon Texts me every night: Hoseok Steals glances at me when not looking: Taehyung (V) Confesses to me: Taehyung So jungkookie 鞓る範 is a close guy friend, Rapmon is my friend that acts like an older brother, j-hope wants to get together and work things out and V secretly likes me and confesses to me...Plot twist: I'll just go with Jimin instead馃榿馃榿馃榿
Always buys you lunch: Jin Listens to you complain: Kookie Gets jealous when you ignore them: Jin After work drinking buddy: Jhope Drunk texts you on weekends: Jin Always crashes atbyour apt: Suga Texts you every night: Jin Steals glances at you when your not looking: Jimin Confesses: Suga I love my results!!
always buys me lunch:jungkook listens to me complain:suga gets jealous when I ignore them rapmon after work drink buddy: Jimin drunk texts on wknd:jin always crashes apartment: suga texts me every night:Jimin steals glances at me:rapmon confess to me:Jimin 馃槤馃構馃檶馃檶馃檶馃檶
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