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This is my personal opinion on my top 10 favorite anime characters. No specified gender. No specific order. Just my top favorites (:
Gon Freecs Hunter x Hunter Gon grew up with his aunt not knowing his parents at all. His dream always being to set out and take the Hunter Exams in order to become good enough to find his father. He's a very strong and lovable character all around.
Frosch Fairytail Frosch is the lovable exceed in Fairytail who is part of the Sabertooth guild. They team up with Fairytail often enough though to be considered comrades. He's 150% loyal to his master; Rogue, a dragon slayer and really works and tries his hardest to protect Rogue and the rest of his friends in the guild.
Mr. 2 Bon Clay One Piece Bon Clay is probably my favorite villain turned ally. He's loyalty to Luffy, captain of the straw Hat pirates is amazing. He risks his life more than once to save Luffy who he considers to be a close friend even if they were enemies in the past. He's super sentimental and affection but also very powerful.
Armin Arlert Attack on Titan I feel like Armin is everyone's least favorite character from this anime but honestly he's been my favorite since the first episode. Then i fell in love with his character even more when I started reading the manga. He may not be the strongest character but he pulls his own weight. He refuses to leave his childhood friends Eren and Mikasa behind. He's brilliantly smart and just super lovable.
Maka Albarn Soul Eater Maka is a badass. She's a killer with a scythe and a pro and capturing Kishin souls. She's a million percent loyal to her partner, Soul who also happens to be her scythe. Throughout the series, Maka constantly battles her inner fears of losing her best friend in battle because she isn't strong enough. She always strives to become stronger and to be brave when she needs to be.
Bartolomeo One Piece For those of you who are caught up on One Piece, you hated him the first time you saw him. I know I sure did. But when you find of he's the biggest Luffy fanboy ever you can't help but love him. The way he can't make eye contact with any of the Straw Hats and stutters constantly when trying to talk to them. It's just the greatest. I love Bartolomeo!
Uchiha Itachi Naruto I mean come on. We all love Itachi. Even when we thought he was the worst big brother on the planet, we still thought he was a total awesome badass. But wow was that turn of events unexpected! Finding out he was forced to kill his entire clan besides for his little brother Sasuke in order to protect the Leaf Village?! What?! When he was reanimated and helped Naruto and Bee out.. That was heartwarming and definitely had me all in my feels. He will always be my personal favorite character. (:
Ling Yao/ Greed Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Ling was just a funny side character at first. But as the show develops he becomes an important character to the story. He takes on the homoculus Greed in order to obtain a philosphors stone. Battling with the inner demon known as Greed, Ling learns to except Greed as apart of him for the sake of his homeland. He cares deeply for his country, Lan Fan, Edward and the rest of the gang.
Alluka Zoldyck Hunter x Hunter He/she (they say each differently with the anime and manga) is Killua Zoldyck's little sister/brother. Also, the final member of the Zoldyck assassin family. Alluka isn't spoken about by anyone in the family for a majority of the anime until Killua needs his unique gifts to save Gon's life. Alluka had to live his whole life up until the end of the anime locked in a dungeon because know one knows how to deal with him other than Killua. He has a split personality called "Something" that kills you if you don't do what you are asked. It's a shame Alluka didn't get more screen time.
Tatsumi Akame Ga Kill Tatsumi loses his two closest friends to a rich family that's plotting with the government. Akame sees potential in his fighting skills and asks him to join their group to fight the government, called Night Raid. He joins and becomes like family with all its members. He sees too much death and blood in his life but always stays strong for his comrades. (In the anime) he dies as a badass protecting the ones he loves.
Where is Kamina (Bro) from Gurren Lagan? #1 in my book
Akame ga Kill what is one of the most depressing animes I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. It was so good but so sad it's like if the anime version of Game of Thrones
tatsumi was awesome, and he could've possible still been alive, but nope!
Couldn't fish akame ga kill once I realized that the death didn't stop. I'm like oh she dies okay, oh she dies fine, he dies okay but when 4th person died I quit.
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