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The infamous duck facer, the handsome Jang Geun Suk aka Tae kyung in the K-Drama Youre Beautiful actually has the best smile ever. It simply just melts my heart
Those Lips #Icant
Like lets all take a mintue to Thank his parents for creating him
OMG his smile kills. In You're Beautiful when he's on the computer talking to Go Mi Nam, he literally does the cutest whole faced smile and I can't handle it.
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His eyes when he smiles are my favorite thing ever!! When he gets all cute and squishy I dieee (like in Mary Stayed Out All Night )
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@ItalyKira oh my goodness I know!!! It's so precious!
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@baileykayleen and then he hugs the piggy-rabbit all excitedly x3 <3
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he just melts the ice in my heart
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