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Recommend Reply 1994?
I was wondering what people thought about Reply 1994. I've already seen Reply 1997 and loved it. I've watched about 4 episodes of this and I like it but I know there's a lot of arguments over this drama. I already know who she ends up with so feel free to be spoilery, but not too spoilery. I'd kind of like someone to discuss the drama with that currently watching it but that's unlikely since it's a bit older.
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YES YES YES It isn't as good as Reply 1997 but its so goooood!! Baro is adorable and yes yes yes you need to finish it hahahah
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I'm actually watching it right now! it's not as good as reply 1997 but it's still pretty good. warning: you might fall in love with the second lead like I have so it might be a bit painful since we both already know who she ends up with
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Thanks to both of you for responding! I am actively trying not to fall for him. Or at least in the way that makes me want him with her. Which is difficult since he is... Well himself haha
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I didn't like it MORE but I thought it was funnier. The different dialects was my favorite part about it. You really get to see and understand a lot about the different parts of Korea, instead of just Seoul, which was great. Like, rather than that one random person who speaks in a Busan dialect, they are marveled that the one guy was a "진짜 서울 사람" a real Seoul native. anyway, because she doesn't choose the guy I wanted I couldn't like it as much...
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