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Honestly, I on #teamblackwidow for this one. No competition..
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@shannonI5 I will admit that I don't know who black canary is so by default I guess I would say black widow but tbh seeing widows skills is there someone who could keep up with her speed and agility who is human?
@padfoot77 gotcha. Yeah Black Canary hasn't gotten as much screen time as BW so that makes sense. In terms of humans that could keep up with her? That's tough. She's technically been modified a little. Lately in the comics she's been paired up with the Winter Soldier and they're usually evenly matched. He has more physical strength but she has more finesse.
@shannonI5 so she has had some kind of special serum to advance her? I always thought she was entirely human and just extremely skilled and fast. but at the same time while watching the first avengers it kinda bothered me that captain America was getting tired out while black widow was still going strong so I always wondered if she was not entirely human cuz that would be insane if she managed to have more stamina than cap
@padfoot77 in the comics she does. Her life has actually been extended a lot too- in the movies she was born in the 80s but in the comics she's actually been around for much longer and just ages slowly. But yeah, increased stamina/speed/agility are definitely comics canon. It's not super consistent but it's usually attributed to an attempt at replicating the super soldier serum, similar to what Bucky would have gotten.
@shannonI5 so that kinda makes sense why should would be able to handle everything the avengers take. interesting. so what is the extent, remaining as consistent as possible, of her strength