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Mine began when I was nine. I was wondering around the internet, already interested in Asian culture and music. By that time I was listening to Japanese Pop thanks to my Mom's current boyfriend at that time. Sooner or Later, I came across TVXQ, Shinhwa, G.O.D, and Super Junior on Youtube, then further on rookie groups were released and I fell in love with EXO. Bangtan Boys, Red Velvet, Minx, Hotshot, and Seventeen came out some time later and ruined my life in such a good way. Korean music influences my fashion and beauty choices, I have so much fun dancing to it and that way it expanded my horizons to learn languages. I'm studying Japanese and Korean. I have listened to it for about seven years, and though the scandals bother me along with rumors, I will continue to stay loyal to the genre that has made me the way I am now. Please tell me your experiences.
I was aimlessly surfing YouTube when I stumble upon EXO's call me baby music video and I fell totally and unconditional in love with them as my first kpop group鉂わ笍 then I found Big Bang's fantastic baby, GD and TOP, and Bts' dope music video and Jungkook, and the list goes on and on. I 100% do not regret accidentally finding kpop鉂わ笍
My cousin was in love with TVXQ. I was 5 but I liked it so I kept listening but later I stopped bc I had to focus on my studies. But one day in clicked on SHINee Lucie and EXO Growl. I was like how could I have miss out on this and now I'm a straight A student with Kpop and my friend encouraging me (my friend respect my choice in music while one also fangirls/boys with me)
I was first hooked on anime music then my friend introduced my to Krystal Kay....then the magic happened
I listened to jpop back in middle school (2007) and kept clicking whatever video showed up next...ended up at bigbang and never left. It's been a fun ride:)
I was into jpop and clicked a weird video on youtube and ended up down the rabbit hole that is tvxq way back in 2006!!!
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