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Now this is my personal opinion if you dont like it I am truely sorry the Internet is not for you but I would like to hear some of your additions because it took me the better half of a day just to decide on my 5th character. When I 1st decided to do this I was going to try and put some honorable mentions also but I cant even begin to think of another person. This is not Superman Prime 1Million and he does not have the Sword of Superman this is simply Superman.
#5 Rogue Rogue is at the bottom of the list simply because the other 4 are to big of names and are Marvels A list characters. She has a very high chance of winning simply because superman doesnt go for the kill and any skin to skin contact she has grants her his powers his abilities his thoughts and his memories and for every second she is in contact with him it drains his life essence so she is a win because either she kills him with his own powers or she kills him with her own. -a mutant who possesses the ability to absorb the memories, abilities, personality,life essence and outward physical characteristics of other beings through skin-to-skin contact. Such transfers last for 60 times longer than the contact time, with extended contact resulting in the possibility of permanent absorption. -Upon absorbing another's memories, Rogue also gaines any associated emotional responses. Rogue is typically able to control such emotions. -After permanently absorbing the powers of Ms. Marvel, Rogue possesses an amalgamated mutant human/alien Kree physiology that grantes her a degree of immunity to poisons, and a virtually indestructible body. -also possesses Ms. Marvel's above normal reflexes and psychic "seventh sense" that enables her to subconsciously anticipate an opponent’s moves. -Rogue possesses Ms. Marvel's psyche, her "double" consciousness makes her resistant to telepathic probes from even the most powerful mind readers. She also gained Ms. Marvel's incredible strength, and supersonic flight. -Recently, Rogue has seemingly permanently absorbed the fire-based powers of Sunfire.
#4 Dr. Stephen Strange I chose Dr. Strange simply because he is arguably the most skilled sorcerer in all of fiction. That fact alone is what gives him them win against Superman simply because one of supermans weaknesses are magic. Dr. Strange wins this no doubt. -One of the most powerful sorcerers in existence. -Magical abilities include energy projection and manipulation, matter transformation, animation of inanimate objects, teleportation, illusion-casting, mesmerism, thought projection, astral projection, dimensional travel, time travel and mental possession, to name a few. -The full range of his abilities is unknown. -Doctor Strange is a skilled athlete and martial artist with substantial medical and magical knowledge. -Expert surgeon. -Doctor Strange wears the Eye of Agamotto, an amulet which can radiate light, pierce illusions, probe minds, open extradimensional portals, and perform other feats. -He has a Cloak ofLevitation which enables him to fly without expending personal magical energy. -He possesses several other mystic artifacts, including the Orb of Agamatto, which he can use to observe events virtually anywhere in the multiverse. -He has a library of mystic tomes, some of which, such as the Book of the Vishanti and the Darkhold, can serve as power sources or weapons in their own right.
#3 Silver Surfer The Surfer is in this list because of everything he can do he can rearange the molecules in Supermans body and simply make him human. The Surfer CAN NOT lose this fight PERIOD it would end in a sure fire win from the Surfer. -The Silver Surfer wields "the power cosmic", absorbing and manipulating the universe's ambient cosmic energies. -He can augment his strength to incalculable levels, and is almost totally indestructible. -He can navigate space, hyperspace and dimensional barriers, and can fly at near-limitless speeds on his board, entering hyperspace when he exceeds light speed. -He has even proven capable of time travel on occasion. -The Surfer does not require food, drink, air or sleep, sustained entirely by converting matter into energy. -He is immune to temperature extremes and radiation, and can survive in vacuum environments such as outer space and hyperspace. -He can analyze and manipulate matter and energy, and restructure or animate matter at will, even transmuting elements. -He can heal living beings (though he cannot raise the dead), and has proven capable of revitalizing or evolving organic life on a planet wide scale. -He can alter the size of himself or of other matter, cast illusions, fire energy blasts, form and manipulate energy constructs, manipulate gravity, absorb and discharge most forms of energy, and phase through solid matter. -His senses enable him to detect objects and energies light years away, and to perceive matter and energy in subatomic detail; he can even see through time, and with concentration can achieve limited perception of past and future events in his general vicinity. -The Surfer has demonstrated limited telepathic ability on occasion, and has proven able to influence human emotion and sensation. -The Surfer's board is composed of the same impervious, cosmic-powered silvery material as its master's skin, and is mentally linked to the Surfer; it moves in response to his thoughts, even when he is not in physical contact with it. -The board is almost totally indestructible, but on those rare occasions where it has been damaged or destroyed, the Surfer has been able to repair or even re-create it. -The Surfer can attack opponents remotely by directing the board against them, and the board is capable of absorbing and imprisoning other beings, at least temporarily.
#2 Dormammu Though i dont know much about Dormammu when searching for my 5th character i came across him and there is no way he would lose. His magical abilities are so far past Dr. Stranges that it is pathetic. He would beat Superman with ease. -Composed of pure mystical energy, Dormammu possesses more raw power than even the most skilled sorcerer, although he is frequently undone by his own impatience; his power can reach even greater levels via worship by others. -Among his many abilities are matter transmutation, interdimensional teleportation, size and shape alteration, element control, telepathy, creation of artificial beings, and empowerment of others. -Dormammu can call upon the mystic energies of the entire Dark Dimension, as well as his own innate power, and he commands its vast resources while its ruler; however, his abilities are somewhat limited when physically present in another universe, unless he can directly tap its energy via symbiosis or rebirth.
#1 Dr. Victor Von Doom Now to my number 1 spot a lot of people are gonna see this and question why i picked Doom, well Doom is considerably the best villian in all fiction. He is my number one pick because this isnt even a competition he is just to much his magical abilities alone are to much for Superman to handle not to mention everything else this man has at his disposal. He is literally the most feared man in all of Marvel. He gets the win because of all the people i have named off i think he would do this with complete ease. -Doom can exchange minds with others. -He possesses some mystical abilities, such as casting bolts of eldritch energy and invoking mystical entities (principalities) for additional support. -While empowered by the Haazareth, his mystical powers were on a par with those of Dr. Strange. -Doom is a genius in physics, robotics, cybernetics, genetics, weapons technology, bio-chemistry, and time travel. -He is also self-taught in the mystic arts. -Doom is a natural leader, a brilliant strategist, and a sly deceiver. -Doom wears a sophisticated nuclear-powered titanium battlesuit which grants him superhuman strength, contains jets for flight, houses a personal force field, and discharges concussive force blasts; he can also electrify his armor's surface. The armor contains a 4-hour air supply, and can be sealed for travel into outer space or underwater. -Special attachments to the armor have included a molecular-expander, which can cause molecules to expand into the size of boulders, and various devices for absorbing the energies of others (such as the Silver Surfer). -Doom's many inventions include a variety of robots, such as robot duplicates of himself (Doombots), Latveria's robot police force (Servo-Guards), an army of unstoppable robots designed only to destroy (Killer Robots), as well as robots designed for slave labor and non-humanoid models used for special posts; -has a time machine, with which he can travel through space and time -and a shrink ray.
@S92pk +10 to multitasking 😂
@ScriptedSoldier i cant believe i did that...
@ScriptedSoldier @TyTruth Black Bolt all the way! @OGv6FATE I had no idea!! That's awesome :D
@TyTruth Thor is just a usual suspect in the case. But personally I'd put my ballot in Black Bolt's hat. Dude is an underrated power house.
I totally agree with this list! And I'm glad to see Rogue there ^_^ @OGv6FATE @LAVONYORK @Ssj4Otakudude @S92pk @Karthikkrazzy1@chris98vamg @MoisEsGaray @ChildOfSparda13 @Namrow @Awesomeperson @FreeWill666 @ScriptedSoldier @ComicGeek94 can you all think of any others?
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