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Dan Nevins might just be the most inspiring man I have ever met. After recovering from the lost of both legs from an IED bomb 11 years ago Nevins spent months relearning to climb mountains and even golf.
But after ending up bed ridden again two years ago, the flash backs began.
He spent weeks in agony, trapped in his own mind until a friend convinced him to try yoga... and he was not about it.
"I was like 'No. One, I'm a guy; Two, I'm an Army guy; Three, I don't own any spandex, and no," was his exact wording in fact.

But now he is inspiring hundreds as yogo instructor who preaches that yoga not only changed his life, but saved it.

Through yoga Nevins found an inner peace that many vets seek after wartime trauma.
And while his story is inspiring, these photos of his yoga poses are down right incredible.
If you ever believed you were stuck, believed that you couldn't accomplish something, believed that you just weren't good enough, remember Dan Nevins.
Because he over came not only the physical loss of his limbs but the shadows that overtake the mind after the horrors of war and he came out on the other side strong, encouraging and positive in both body and mind.

And the key to a good life is just that; Positive body, positive mind,

See this @danidee? Yoga is amazing. :P We never did really talk about that, did we?
@mchlyang right! And I've been thinking of trying a yoga class and I feel like this is just the sign I needed
I love seeing stories like these....he is indeed an inspiration! Thanks for the post!
how did he go from no to yoga instructor?
My best friend is a yoga instructor and she would LOVE this. I’m totally sharing with her. haha :)
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