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so every year I throw a Halloween party and this year I've themed it anime style. but I'm having trouble coming out with ideas for games.
one idea for a game we have is our usual "hide the pumpkin" but this time we're going to use really cheap anime stuff. any ideas for improvements?
another one is similar to hide and seek but I feel we switch it to a yandere type thing. what should we do?
I am kinda in a pinch here. if you have any ideas either put it in the comments or make a card and tag me on it while labeling it [HI]. please and thank you.
I know a great game....tie a person to a chair and make them count down by seven while you chop their limbs off....hahahahahahaha....just kidding
@Gracielou0717 actually, I think I can work with it.
ypu could do like game where like one or more persons are like senpai and everyone else is a yandere and they have to try and find senpai or one person is senpai and one is a yander and everyone else is like just regular people and the yandere has to try and like "kill" (in this case tag) people without senpai seeing them. idk I just came up with that idk if its any good XD
I want to go to the party.>_<
Write down random names. (Japanese or English) put them in a hat and have everyone draw a name. Somehow decide someone to have a notebook and someone else to be the detective. (Maybe friends) then whoever ends up with the notebook has to try to guess and write down as many names in the notebook as they can without getting caught by the detective. (Basically Death Note turned into a game.) maybe time the game and the notebook person can trade half of the remaining time to see a few peoples names. Maybe to decide who is the notebook person and the detective put the names "Light" and "L" in the hat and whoever gets those are the notebook person and the detective. Idk, you might be able to work with it.
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