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In the land of Emojis, there are a lot of things missing. Like a unicorn, taco and of course the ability to tell people to go "F" themselves.
These emojis aren't new, they're just new to iOS and are now supported by all the software in the new-fangled iPhones.
In an exciting new package, iOS 9.1 will be releasing some new additions to your emoji filled life.
For all of you reeling without the ability to tell someone to go fuck themself, you won't mad for long. The long anticipated middle-finger emoji will be gracing your iPhone screen when you update.
iOs now supports these emojis, as Unicode (the system that unifies all the code for emojis across all systems) updated itself to the 21st century.
So now all of you burrito loving, unicorn sweater wearing, middle finger having mother effers will have the emojis of your choice ready for text!

Can I get an AMEN!

amen I didn't see sick toast
And they're not racist!
Hahahah @kikid123 that's just for kakao!
ahahahahaha this is the greatest thing! I’m stoked for the update now!
what about android?
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