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Ok so you can find so much stuff about Sakura being useless but she's not that lame .....anymore at least ....I mean really 馃槀馃槀馃槅馃槅
Really she was useless at first but you have to admit she was useful 馃槀what do guys think is she useless ore useful???
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Poor Sakura!!! XD
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She was useless through the whole pre Shippuden series, had that one decent fight with Sasori (which he let her win due to him tired of living) and after that she did nothing until the 4th ninja war...soooooo useless until the end lol
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I have the sasuke version of 'naruto y u no bring sasuke back' its 'naruto y u no leave me alone'
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wow this is too much. Sakura isn't that useless. she did her best and that the important thing.
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useful after she studied under tsunadae
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