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I absolutely love to cook! It is my therapy and I always feel proud of myself afterwards. This is the dinner I made yesterday! Chicken, purple potatoes, black beans, cilantro and a few other things to give it a kick of flavor! I can't tell you all of my secrets! 馃槈 This is definitely not your ordinary chicken stew. It is filled with flavor! Purple potatoes are also a better alternative to white potatoes and it packs serious antioxidants! Plus it was on sale at Publix. Buy one, get one free. 馃槝馃槈
They sell them in Publix. It tastes the same as a white potato. @karencorchado @alywoah
Wow 鈥撀營 have to say, this looks AMAZING! Wish I had a big bowl of it right now ^_^ If we're really reeeaallyy nice, will you share your recipe with us?? Maybe without a few of the secret ingredients so you don't toootally feel like you're revealing the mystery? :D
It does look delicious. And I'm kind of embarrassed to say, but I've never seen purple potatoes. 馃榿
@Karencorchado I think they are difficult to find? I've seen them, but it's like....I don't see them as often as red or white potatoes
Oooooooooooo this looks so freaking good!!!!!