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This might be the saddest news in Political PR since Watergate...I mean, not really, but it's still kind of funny.
Carly For America, a SuperPAC who supports would be republican candidate, Carly Fiorina, spent a lot of time on a social media account called @DocBrown102115, an parody of Back to the Future's Doc Brown. The PAC also created several videos on Youtube parodying the popular movie.
Since Marty McFly was supposed to end up in the future on October, 21, 2015, the SuperPAC's PR team (who probably don't have jobs now) decided it would be a great idea to include him and the movie in their recent campaign.
Back to the Future is a movie beloved by all, Carly Fiorina is beloved by...none...or few...whatever. Anyway, apparently footage was used for these painfully cheesy videos under the "Fair Use" act, but the movie's writer wants them offline.

I wouldn't want my work bastardized like this, especially by Carly Fiorina.

Bob Gale is urging Carly For America to take down the videos. Not only are they awful, but they blatantly take intellectual property of Gale's and are using it for political gain. Not cool. Not cool at all.
Despite the twitter account having less than 50 followers, the campaign was an all-around fail. Completely unnecessary and totally out of touch, these tweets and videos don't involve policy or facts. They're lame. Just totally lame.

I'm sure if Marty McFly watched these, he'd want to leave 2015 and go back to wherever the hell he came from.

Yeap. It is pretty awful. Pretty sad it ended up with less than 50 followers on Twitter. I even have more followers than that and I don't even have a PR team!
I wouldn’t say they did a horrible job, it’s just not the best PR move for them. While I agree they made the wrong move, they were just trying something new. And hey, at least it didn’t crush their reputation. no one even noticed. lol