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Hi Vingle Anime Family!

It's almost time for Halloween and I'm sure many of you have started planning your awesome cosplays! But what's this fuss about cosplay creations and copyright?
Here's the breakdown:
Cosplaying "could" be against the Japanese law. According to a web Q&A on Oshiete! Goo, with Yūji Ōkuma, a lawyer at the Toranomon Law and Patent Office, dressing up in anime character costumes violates copyright protection.
But wait! There's a caveat!
While it's considered a violation of copyrights as per Japan's copyright law, it's perfectly acceptable to create costumes for one's own personal and private use.
The lawyer did go on and state that making costumes for others or ordering one from a business might not quality as personal and private use. He advised cosplayers to research the character copyrights before creating cosplay costumes.
I, for one, think that the line between violating copyright and not is quite blurry and imagine that it would be hard for the anime companies to go after each and every cosplayer.

What about you guys? What do you think of all this copyright fuss when it comes to cosplaying anime characters?

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i think they r going a little to far, i mean we r not hurting anybody, we just want to have fun and cosplay as our fav characters. my guess the that the government is just running out of money, and now cosplaying is a crime?
2 years ago·Reply
when did it become a crime to wear clothes?!?!
2 years ago·Reply
I think what the main companies dont want is people outside their merchandizing department to make these outfits, and earn a profit from the creation of one of their clients. They want you to get the official gear
2 years ago·Reply
thats just dumb I love anime if I think a certain character is cooler then others then I think I should be able to dress up as them its my choice whats the harm in it to all u cosplayers out there keep doing what u doing ive seen a lot of good outfits
2 years ago·Reply
I should be getting payed to promote their characters with my cosplay lol they sell them everywhere, cons are no secret , I mean whats the point? we help popularize
2 years ago·Reply