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The Cavs gave in.
The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed Tristan Thompson to a five-year deal, Cavs GM David Griffin announced Thursday.The deal does not include player or team options, and all money is guaranteed.
My God.
At $16.4 million annually, it will make Thompson the sixth-highest-paid power forward in the NBA.
The new deal also ends a stalemate between the Cavs and Tristan Thompson's agent. Thompson, 24, had been seeking a max contract of five years and $94 million or three years and $53 million.
While this deal is lower than his initial offer this is still A LOT of money for someone who will be nothing better than their 4th option when the entire team is healthy. Including salaries and tax, the Cavs are likely to spend more than $170 million on this season's roster, the second-highest number in league history behind the 2013-14 Brooklyn Nets.
Does this deal make sense, is Thompson an 80 million dollar player?
I think he could show up as a possible go to even when everyone is healthy and in addition I believe that other teams will see him as a massive threat if they mismatch who guards him I say "show up to show out"
The dude only scored 2 points last night. Lebron needs to stop holding the Cavs hostage. If he don't win a ring them he can only blame himself.
@WilliamBrown True that...but I think he was a bit overpriced for what he's actually worth
I don't know whether he deserves it or not. But one thing is for sure. Lebron has so much power over the Cavs that when Lebron state publicly that the Cavs needed Thompson, they had to sign him no matter what.
way too much money for a guy that's pretty much there to grab rebounds. unless he matures our contributes more buckets, this might be a huge mistake.
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