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I'll be too busy this weekend to make a card so I'll make my suggestion early. The story is about the lives of a group of students that live in the "outcast" dorm. This means for some reason or another they couldn't be in the regular dorm. One day a girl moves into the dorm who has zero "survival" skills... basically she just can't at life.
Kanda Sorata is the male protagonist of this story. He is the one nominated to take care of the girl (Shiina Mashiro).
The other characters are all quite brilliant and have bright futures that await them. As I mentioned before they live in the "outcast" dorm so they all have some odd personalities or hobbies that really add some humor to the show.
Their dorm teacher is very lax and has a habit of drinking too much, however she wants what's best for her students and will defend them if necessary.
Kamiigusa Misaki if my favorite character. She has a habit of making a lot of sexual jokes and she's crazy talented at drawing. However she's also probably one of the saddest characters, and there's a lot to her background story.
Sorata struggles to find his own talent as he's surrounded by people who are much more talented than he is. This causes him a great deal of stress and frustration.
Sorry this card isn't better.... so many things right now... Anyways give it a watch when you have the time!
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oh just touched on my feels T^T Shiina is my anime crush...I just love her naivety and shes just so cute whatever she does >w< Also I should've made a better review for this one, maybe I should update it :S
@RosePark eee I'll have to check it out :) Shiina is super adorable!
This is actually one of my favorite anime a
@RosePark I thought of you as soon as I saw the picture of her. :P This looks funny and cute. Maybe this is the comedy I need, yes?
Love this anime!!