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Birthdays rock. Its a time to get dressed up with your friends and get completely white girl wasted. But 21st birthdays.... they are sacred.
Especially because most of the time you have been ANXIOUSLY WAITING for ya bestie to be able to get into any bar in the world with you...or at least pick up her own beer.

The days before the big night are filled up millions of texts about how fucked up you all are going to get.

Everyone picks out the perfect outfit...usually tight, always short.

The night arrives and everyone is trying to get pretty.....while pre-gamming of course.

The shots are non stop.

Every single bar knows its her birthday...because the Woo Girls are out.

More shots.

That one friend realizes that everyone is way to drunk and decides to be the sober friend.

You all love/hate the shit outta them.

The bars close and the drunk food begins.

The birthday girl is either making out with someone...or face first in the toliet. Either one is a mark of a successful initiation into adulthood.

I am always the sober friend. SIGH. Everyone would laugh too because my initials are quite literally DD.
OMG haha it's like it's your destiny !!