I have been re-reading Spawn, since I plan on cosplaying Nyx this year! (Still positively skied that I'm finally able to go to my first con!) It's been bringing back memories...like how disappointing the film was. So, it's an interesting coincidence that this appeared in my feed today. I'd love to see a portrayal that is more loyal to the comics, would you?
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@shannonl5 I'd like to see Djimon Hounsou as Al and Blair Underwood as Terry.
@BeannachtOraibh I can totally see that!
@DarthRevan how do you feel about a Spawn reboot?
@shannonl5 the casting would be tough hahah but every thing els i think they can make it EPIC!! 馃槏
Do not get me started lol. Rebot Rebot plus the original spawn is in excellent shape too. Michael Jai White, you hear me!! You are in excellent shape.... DO IT lol