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Taeyang: Eyes, Nose, Lips
Rap Monster: Do You
Rap Monster: Joke
GD and T.O.P: Zutter
BAP: One Shot
I many more favorites but these are just the ones I love the most. If you have any suggestions of what MV I should watch tell me the name in the comments. Hope you enjoy
Junsu's Flower is a video I'd recommend. None of my friends like Kpop and those that I showed it to liked it. They were confused, but liked it. And Yongguk's AM 4:44. That was a pretty dope song. I loved this list by the way.
Honestly I cry watching One Shot....every time hahahah
@kiki29 thanks and i will listen to the song that u suggested!! πŸ˜€
One Shot is amazing! BAP has had some awesome videos that tell a story. I have friends that don't know k - pop much and they loved the plot twists as well as the song. I think nu'est has a great song and video for Sleep Talking. Beast had a good video for Yey.