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So @danidee told me I should totally make this card. So I'm DOING IT! XD
First off, some of you probably know me already. But if you don't? "Sup?" XD
I'm Evan. You can call me Danse, Dance, Evan, Ev, or something else,
but don't call me late for dinner. That isn't cool! I can't be missing my Grub, you got me?
I look forward to meeting fellow funnies. Making friends is all about sharing your life with someone else. And what better way to do that than with an awesome sense of humor?
I'm down for all sorts of gags, so share away people! Make me LAUGH. DO IT!!!
I may seem pretty composed on the outside, but internally I'm freaking out people.
I find so much cool stuff to amuse myself with half the time I don't even know how to handle it. I MUST do it all, see it all, BE all. Okay well, not quite that extreme but you get my drift. I'm into tons of stuff and there is just not enough hours in the day for it all! You get me?

Here's a little bit about me:

Favorite Famous Funny People:
George Carlin, Robbin Williams (R.I.P), Jeff Dunham, Gabriel Iglesias{Fluffy!}, Eddie Izzard.

Favorite Funny Movies:

Ace Ventura Series, Billy Madison, Jay and Silent Bob,
Clerks, Lethal Weapon Series, Friday & The Hangover.

Favorite Funny TV Shows:

Big Bang Theory, Glee, South Park, The Office, Family Guy & lots more. >_<
PIZZA & Free points..... BOOM. >:D
Bahahaha, I was a night elf though. Not as badass as if I would've played horde.
Bwuahaha, that's awesome. I would have laughed like crazy if someone rode up to me in WoW with that name. xD
My first World of Warcraft character's name was Pillowpants after the name of the Clerks 2 troll.
I thought they were all good. I don't take into consideration sales flops. People's tastes run differently so you could always miss out on something if you take heed to other opinions. :D I like all sorts of stupidly funny things so I'd be out of luck without some of this stuff, haha.
CLERKS!!! HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN CLERKS!!! AND MALLRATS!!! AND ALL THINGS KEVIN SMITH!!! Also did you like Clerks 2 because I know it flopped sales-wise, but truthfully, I thought it was hilarious as hell...