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10. Darth Vader
9. Venom
8. Black Adam
7. Dr. Doom
6. Aquaman
5. Shazam
4. Silver Surfer
3. Green Lantern
2. Wolverine
1. The Flash
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@KingGummy well sir technicaly marvel owns the writes to that name now ;) his name is Shazam now
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@Ty Truth I know, but I liked the name captain marvel soo much. 馃槩
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@KingGummy I really like the current Ms. Marvel haha it's weird how much the character evolved. This is tough but I think these are my ten, in no particular order: 1. Hawkeye (specifically the Matt Fraction version) 2. America Chavez 3. Kamala Khan 4. Nightwing 5. Harley Quinn 6. Black Widow (the Edmonson/Noto stuff, not the older version) 7. Kate Bishop 8. Storm 9. Deadpool 10. Sue Storm I tried to pick ones that haven't really been in the movies (or in the case of BW and Sue Storm characters that haven't been done very well in the movies in my extremely not objective opinion)
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I agree with #1
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1 flash 2 green arrow 3 batman 4 spiderman 5 nightwing 6 red hood 7 green Lantern 8 superman 9 aquaman 10 red robin
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