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one of my favorite amv's
Gajeel and levy next
@SAMURXAI no I didn't make it but I was a really good one so I shared it here. As for where to watch it I like to use for most of my anime, it has all the episodes in subbed and all the ones that are out at the moment in dubbed, the only thing about it is that its separated into two seasons, them being the Fairy Tail episodes before the break in it, and the 2014 episodes after the break in the series.
I Love this moment I'm rooting for NaLu all the way!!!
i wish i knew someone who can make amv's i have some good songs i wrote tjat would b great for fairy tail
I love this couple so much I wanna see FairyTail now I'm not done watching all the episodes. Who sings the song I love it
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