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There were two friends, two girls, the best of friends. Once was tall with short hair, the other the opposite: shirt with long hair. They had so much to share, so much fun to have and spent most of their time laughing. The years they went through were some of the best. One day, the girl with short hair saw her best friend with a boy. She gazed at them as they sat next to one another whispering to themselves, her best friend looked upon the boy with slight shyness, with her hands in her jacket sleeves and cupped up against her mouth as if to hide herself. The hideaway short hair smiled, "Well well, it seems I've stumbled upon a moment of sentimental shyness," she whispered. This was the first time she's seen her like this. Later that school day in class she sat next to her and poked her shoulder. "What's up, " her best friend asked. She smirked. "What?" "I saw you. Earlier today." She blushed. "Who was he, he seemed to like you very much." "Well..." To be Continued...