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1. First up is my baby, Min Yoongi (Suga). I absolutely love him and his little Squirtle smile!! He is a bit rude and blunt but that is what I love about him. He is EXACTLY like me. I love naps more than any....ZZZZZZZ!!! Lol. I also am not flexible at all. So YEAH!! 2. .......Woozi. Do I have to say anything about him, really? Just look at his face and tell me you're not in love. He is so cute (never say that to his face). But he is a bit...*coughs* dark *coughs*. If you so much as even MUTTER something about him being short,.......let me just say, watch out for the guitar. 3. Next is VERNON!!! I know he's only 17 and he only 'gotta few dollas'. But I still love him! His voice got me dying. I love his curly hair. And there is just something about him being mixed (he is not a halfer, he is mixed, people) that drew me into Seventeen. I....I...I can't even right now! 4. I.M what I.M man.........Okay, I just....I..*exhales* I love him, man!! He is so....he's just so....UGH!!!! I love his face!! His cheeks....his eyes....EVEN HIS NECK!! (okay, that sounded creepy...) 5. Aliens have invaded Earth! But don't worry. They have beautiful faces. I have proof. Look up!! This is Taehyung (V). He is so sweet and innocent. Like OH MY GROSH! He got me dyin! His voice doesnt match his face at all. He has the face of a twelve year old, the personality of a five year old, and the voice of a thirty year old male voiceover actor. He is too sweet for this world. I got my first cavity because he is too sweet (I know that was a horrible joke. Please forgive me). 6. Then my Hoshi Monster (get it? Moshi Monster? Hoshi Monster? No? Okay..) I love him. He is adorable. He is an AMAZING dancers. He gots dem vocal skillz doe!! And like he is bootiful!! There was this whole thing about him being ugly. I was like "WHAT?!? WHAT?!? Yall ain't talkin bout my Hoshi!! My little adorable buttmunch Hoshi?!? Nuh-uhh.." I ranted for an entire month after that. But anyways, MAH BABY IS FLAWLESS!!! 7. Dino!!! Ugh!! I love his hair!! I wish mine could spike like that!! He is so sweet (now......he used to be crude). He is such a baby and he has a HUGE thing for Micheal Jackson. Like HUGE!!! 8. Then the beautiful male that is Jeonghan! I wonder what shampoo he uses. He looks like he just walked out of a Garnier Fructis commercial. Seriously. He puts Rapunzel to shame! He has an AMAZING voice. And did I say anything about his hair? Yeah? Okay. 9. The adorable red-head, snap back wearing rapper that is Jooheon gots me rolling on the floor in fetal position. "Excuse My Charisma". (I'm sorry, I had to. I need that quote on a t-shirt). I want his hat collection. Seriously. His comedy is amazing. He made me laugh hysterically when he got 'electrocuted' in Monsta X's MV for Rush. I loved it!! 10. And then last but NOT LEAST AT ALL, my hope that is.....J-Hope!!! Oh!! How I love him!! He is!!! He has an AMAZING personality. He is a WAAAAY better dancer than me and he has a HUGE heart. Ugh!!! I love his smile!! And his amazingly supple cheeks!!! How I want to be his best friend!!!!! I Can't Even Right Now! So yeah...that's my current list. I know it's gonna change in like a week. But I am proud of myself really. I kept this list for a month now. I have been holding on. Fighting!! But I'm getting weak man. I have experienced EXO and GOT7. They're breaking me!!! Help!! (not really but you know what I mean)
OH MY GOD YES THIS LIST YES (Suga and Woozi and Vernon and al of them and ahhhhh)
Suga , V , Chan , and I.M are just too cute doe *squeals* XD