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Super Junior has been around for ten years!

Ten glorious years :3

Here are three of my favorite tracks from their past, but I want to know yours! Leave your favorite Suju song in the comments below!

Happiness -

This is a super throw back because not only is it an old Suju song, but its a cover of an old HOT song! It has all the original members in it too (I miss you Hangeng!!!!!)

Rokkokko -

Who else misses Super Junior Trot!? They were so insane and this song is pure, pure madness.

Miracle -

This is the ultimate boy band song. It's all feel good-y and glittery and lovely. It brings me back to the days of S Club 7 and all the glorious pop groups of the early 2000s.
Tagging some new Super Junior friends!

What's your favorite older Super Junior song!?

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theres so many good songs but ill have to say opera,perfection,dont don, and mr.simple
No Other is by far one my favorite old school songs.
My favorite is Twins because I am a sucker for really bad debut songs LOL
Damn I was 1 year old at the time
These make me stupid happy. :3