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Hello Vinglers, I have a challenge for the gamer.. What video game world would you want to live in?! Tag @lavonyork with your picks! You have open world lands like in Skyrim and beautiful beaches with zombies in Dead Island or roaming the streets of GTA 5 and the wastelands of BL. Which video game world would you feel comfortable calling home?
The Mass Effect World is where I would call home. Technology and great people with awesome stories.
Beautiful open space, exotic planets and species. Would I be apart of N7? Or Ceberus? No, I would freelance with N7 but most likely would not commit. I want to see the different worlds with awesome company, not running missions for any group.
Great sleeping quarters... Right under the stars ✨ looking at the planets the stars and of course the random space shuttles floating around. Shooting stars are always around along with and planets with different atmospheres.
A crew mate or two that might actually get you.... That can get you in and out of sticky situations and also enjoy the beautiful Asari landscape or the seedy club "after life" on Omega
Mass Effect World... I would love to call you home. @vinmccarty @shannonl5 I know you are not a big time video game player but what have you dabbled in?
@LAVONYORK oh, they're sooo goood. as long as you check them out when you get the chance, don't feel ashamed!
No, I am so behind and that has been out for a very long time too. I'm ashamed of that and not reading the books for Gears of War.
The Mass Effect Universe is great! I'm going to have to think of alternative to this one now... Have you read any of the Mass Effect books that came out while the games were coming out?
surprised at how few comments there is for this question. I'd without a doubt go with any Elder Scrolls title, I've played them all and I still to this day play Skyrim! I know it's been out for over four years now yes, but the replay value is crazy. Not to mention I play on PC so I mod the hell out of it and still love it. I would be perfectly fine living in that world if I had to choose from game worlds. ^_^
I'm home recouping so I will definitely make time to purchase them and give them a read