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Hey there guys, and gals. I bring another vs. match-up today is a juicy one. Gajeel from Fairy tail vs. Luffy from. one piece.
these two are an amazing match in opinion. both Gajeel and luffy have similar like abilities, but yet stand much different in personalities.
on one side you have luffy from one peice. That lovable rubber joy that you get to experience the adventures with from sea to sea.
on the other side you have Gajeel from Fairy tail. First shown as the scary iron dragon slayer. later you come around to love the guy and his random snotty and comical moments.
while both of these two are amazing in my book. I root for gajeel because he is one of my favorite characters from anime in general. He is funny, and kicks ass in a good way. this is my choice. but I would love to hear all.of your choices and why.
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at sea luffy( dragon slayers can't stand moving vehicles and panther Lilly current form would be lost to haki) but gajeel on land because his magic is replenish by iron... and luffy hajj would drain luffy due to being active the whole time cuz of dragon roar and his edge sword
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gajeel all the way
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Sorry Luffy but I go with gajeel hands down
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Pssss, is this a joke馃槀馃槕 Gajeel bro's!!馃槑
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screw this one luffy is clearly becoming op. but steven brings an even more interesti g bout to mind tiger lilly or, tony tony chopper.
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