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[Vingle Elections] The Truth!
(I made this picture by the way) The real truth about my ethnicity is that I am a real human being who was raised by highly intellegent cats. You can trace these amazing creatures all throughout history.
Being honored in the Elizabethan Era.
Being referred to as lucky in Chinese culture.
Treated as Pharaohs in Egypt.
And of course in present day with the amazing talent in the film industry, Kitulus Cage my hero.
Therefore we can put an end to this "scandal" and get on with the real issues. @danidee @vinmccarthy @tessstevens @shannonl5 @inplainsight @nicolejb
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If my VP says he's a cat....he meows and purrs...right @shannonl5?
2 years ago·Reply
Man I do love cats.
2 years ago·Reply
Yeah, I know! I wish she was on my team, that is, if she were real.
2 years ago·Reply
@TessStevens @nicolejb Election scandal. Miss Tuffsey isn't real...:o
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