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SO I HAVE ALMOST DONE ALL THE ANIMATRONICS IN FNAF FOR A MAKEUP/cosPLAY TEST I guess you can say a lot of these tests are kinda mostly human like but meh oh well.
Personally I have barely gotten into the game it's self but I adore the concept of the game and all the back stories. I won't ruin them but ye.
The first cosplay I did was chica Chica is probably my fave one out of all of them bc my makeup test was a+ That night but Yee (I took the pic off my Facebook page-whisper- please do like my page if ya wanna ))
The second one I did was Bonnie Bonnie has a pretty concept I felt meh about this test. I really liked how the eye shadow turned
Third Which I just did like 2 hours ago so I have more pictures. I did Freddy. I wasn't really proud of this test but I guess it turned out okay.
I still yet have to do foxy -sigh- which means I have to invest in a red wig. Which idk why I haven't yet. But Yee here ya go