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Hello Lovers and Friends.

We've made it to yet another Friday.
I appreciate everyone who participated in last weeks love and relationship photo challenge. Your comments were extremely hilarious, but as I mentioned -- there can only be one winner. As much as I laughed out loud [literally] at each and every response, the winner of last weeks challenge goes to -- well it's a tie. Yes, I literally couldn't choose. So the winners of this weeks channel are both @EddiePozo and @danidee. Your comments were literally golden.
Now it's time to play yet another round of "caption that image". Don't be timid. What do you think this woman is yelling at this man about? What is she saying or what is he thinking? Either answer will be valid. Tell a friend to come and play.
On your mark. Get set. Go!
Next week the winners chosen will have the opportunity to choose who they think has the best caption.
So my parents, my sisters, my brothers, my half sisters, half brothers, cousins from my mother side, cousins from my father side, my uncle, my aunt, the hobo, Kool aid man, and yogi is coming tomorrow to celebrate our 100th day together. We need space for them. What should I cook? Or should we do take out. Can I use your credit card to buy groceries? Oh and I bought that Hermes bag that I wanted. I think your card is maxed. Can I get your other card?
"Oh crap. I think I accidentally locked my keys in the car."
girl: ...and then I was do she got a booty and they were like SHE DOOOO...get it guy: omg I heard this a thousand time becky and the girl didn't even have a booty
Oh! And then, this other time at band camp...
Look we can do it before mom and dad get home please please please please please OK FINE and lets her paint his nails