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Let's see just what ANIME/MANGA are the best and ones that are not so hot! I want to list all or as many ANIME/MANGA REVIEWS and RATINGS as I can on all I have watched or read! I will also put additional comments. Feel free to add suggestions, new ANIME/MANGA to check out and your own reviews and ratings. Let's explore anime and manga together fellow NAKAMA!!
Princess Mononoke! Film by Hayao Miyazaki, from studio Ghibli. Rating: 10/10 Review: I think this was such an amazing film not only did it become the top grossing film in Japan's theatre film sales beating out previous Titanic and keeping hold until Spirited Away, but it's all around a feel good anime movie. The fighting sides and the prince who was to see with eyes unclouded by hate! I couldn't find a bad thing about one of my all time favorite movies! The beautiful environment and how amazing nature truly is, and a super creative and virtuous forest spirit along with the forest gods who make this film entrancing. Also the amazing fight scenes that are here and there along with the lengthy ending fight scene. The pure hearted prince trying to keep peace between humans, who don't understand, and the forest spirits and gods, who hate the humans for destroying their homelands, keeps going even if it'll cost him his life. Makes my eyes even more glues to the screen. The music is perfect and mellows so well with all the scenes! ILL ADD MORE LATER JUST GETTING THIS STARTED!!!!
Sky Blue! Rating: 7.8/10 Review: I think this was an amazing animated film and I love the theme behind it. It's beautiful and at some parts you can't tell if the rain is real or animation. Crazy, although it doesn't have a huge back story and is set over a century in the future when're it is a post apocalyptic future. The city of Ecoban is taking the outsiders or "diggers" and treating them as work slaves. I love the good v. Evil theme behind it but it is so fast paced. One of the main characters was originally from Ecoban and becomes an outsider by one of his "friends" placing a fatal lie to his name and trying to kill him off of the history as an bad guy and eventually outsider enemy as well. Meanwhile the young girl who was in love with him eventually finds out the truth to their past in a small series of sequences changing the feel of the movie. Though you find small history about the anime but also that might be the main idea behind it is to get right to the point of the problem. Many have seen this and have given it mixed ratings. I enjoy it every time I watch it, but I don't watch it on the regular because it doesn't give me a comfortable happiness and super bright idealism of how I want an anime to be. Still great animation and a lot of shooting and fighting, the downfalls could be mostly the fast pace and small history and back stories. The characters are mixed but mostly super high class living in Ecoban or lowest of low class and thugs living in the wasteland slums that were left behind to waste away and rot. This is great for anyone who hasn't seen it especially to watch in HD. Full length movie as well not a shorty. I could review and say a lot more but that is kinda a sum of it all.
Fairy Tail: Manga Rating: 9/10 Review:
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@LuffyNewman once I get into an anime. I watch it like non stop until I'm caught up.. Like I literally finished Naruto in less than a month. But I skipped all the filler. Now I'm reading it and going back and watching all the filler I skipped. I really need to read Akame since I finished the anime almost a year ago and hear that the manga is totally different than the anime.
@JessReno I see yeah I've been into anime for 20 years now almost since I was like 5 haha. But manga only last couple years and magi anime is really fun. And I gotcha well I plan on eventually owning all manga in the world lol so I will def check soul eater manga wish they had a box set or 3n1 combo to make em easier to buy. Adds up $ wise buying 50-100 a month lol and I hate buying used bc I love the smell of used manga. Just a tip, my opinion kodansha manga smells the best. I love OP smell but fairy tail smells the best so far new haha. Weird thing but I love new manga smells. Haha
@LuffyNewman lol! That's awesome! So far, I only buy used manga cuz they are cheap, and smell interesting. Lol. But where I live there aren't many places to buy manga at all unless I go online.
@JessReno do u live outside of US and I understand they aren't cheap. I usually do Amazon unless B&N has a buy2 get 1 free sale. But I am mostly online too. That's why I like 3n1 and box sets bc u save so much more. The used ones smell like a library book to me but smell the new ones so refreshing it's like a new adventure waiting to begin!! ;)
@JessReno I live in the US