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Welcome to all the new Kpop Vinglers and Everyone else. Pls enjoy ur stay here on Vingle and make me friends that like the same things as you!! :-)
You'll never be able to get out it's an addiction once u get into it!!
Kpop is the place where even guys are beautiful and pretty!! Cx
Where dorks have such sexy a** bodies <3
Where we Kpop fans will defend our divas no matter what the cost is <3 Cx
True you won't make it out EVER!!! Cx
THIS IS SO CUTE IM SQUEALING! I love our crazy family and its SO true that once you're in you can never get out ahhahaha
well put. i have enjoyed my stay so far and i'm not really new to kpop. i will never leave. pshh like i have a choice XD
I do too and yes Kpop is an addiction ㅎㅎ @kpopandkimchi
thanx Cx same and there's no way out once you get into Kpop @kpopisnylife