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Hoseok lifted me in the air because we had a fight

"One, two, three, four I declare a thumb war." Your hand gripped Taehyungs, battling out who would clean up the mess. You'd already lost to NamJoon and Tae lost to Jin, now it was between the two of you. Chip bags, popcorn bowls and soda cans littered the floor around you. "I win!" Taehyung yelled out, jumping from the floor and running around the living room. NamJoon and Jin laughed at the younger boy, watching him celebrate. "Better luck next time Y/N." NamJoon pat you on the back, picking up his ringing phone and leaving the room. Jin smiled and headed into the kitchen, he had to deal with the mess in there. Tae calmed down and gave you a smile, laying out on the couch. You tossed a pillow at him and started picking up, the living room in more of a mess than previously thought. Halfway through the cleanup process, the front door slammed shut. "Y/N, he's in a bad mood." Jimin jogged into the living room, giving you a quick warning before smacking Tae and signaling for him to get up. You simply nodded your head in response, going back to picking up. There was a stack of bowls on the coffee table and a small trash bag full of soda cans. Really all that was left was to straighten everything. "It's late, come on." Hoseok didn't even give you time to register his statement before he was pulling you to the front door. Handing you your shoes and dragging you out with barely enough time to slide your flats on. "Hobi, what's wrong?"
"Why do you spend so much time with them when I'm not around?" Hoseok pushed your front door open, anger obvious when it slammed against the wall. "What? Hobi they're my friends too. I was friends with them guys BEFORE we started dating and I'll be friends with them during our relationship. Why are you in such a bad mood?" Pretty soon the argument had escalated to the point where you were yelling at each other. He was bringing up such stupid things to fight over and your blood was boiling at this point. You took the promise ring from your finger, throwing it at him. "Take what's yours and get out Hoseok." You watched as Hoseok picked the small ring up from the floor. Guilt pulling in your chest for making such a rash decision, for throwing such a precious item at him. He didn't look up at you instead Hosoek turned on his heel and walked towards the door. Without saying a word, you watched him start putting his shoes back on. You didn't need to see him leaving, tears prickling your eyes. Walking into the kitchen, you slammed a pot into the sink. Angry cleaning was always the best solution to get everything out. There was shuffling behind you, not turning around you spoke up. "Hoseok, I told you to get out." "And take what's mine." Suddenly you were in the air, tossed over his shoulder. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" You beat at his back, trying to wiggle free. "You're mine, Y/N, so I'm taking you and getting out."
How was that?
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that was sooooo cute!!!!!
@SarahVanDorn I'm glad you liked it
aw that was a cute short story.
That was wow!!