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What ???
NEW TO VINGLE Well, I am Shrimp, Shrimpy, Shrimo, or what ever you want to call me. I am between the ages 13-16 and I am American !!! My bias groups are BTS & Seventeen. My BTS bias is Jimin or Taehyung ??? I don't know ??? Jun and Jisoo biased in SEVENTEEN. I own a SEVENTEEN Boys Be (Seek Ver.) CD and a BTS The Most Beautiful Moment in Life is on it's way from Korea to my house in good ole' Alabama. I don't know, I'm kinda lame. Yeah, message if you want.
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@hoshisbabe WELCOME TO VINGLE Its a fangirl/boy paradise (at least I think so) Prepare for daily heart attacks and new friends! My inbox is always opennif you need anything or just need to talk!
Hey I'm new too like just started 3 days ago and it's really cool I already like it! Welcome lol I'm not sure if I shud say tht but ya