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Soo I did a thing..
So I was bored decided to see what me and some of my bias kids would look like(thanks to my 둥생)......bad idea haha our kids are perfect and ive never wanted kids but seeing these beautiful babies makes me want kids now hahaha I seriously need help
So of course I wanted to see what GD and My children would look like....they are beautiful our sons are seriously perfect♡♥
I nearly died when I saw how perfect Namjoon and my kids looked honestly our kids are beautiful♡♥look at our daughter shes gorgeous!
next is me and JB♡
Me & Kai♡ hes not my top bias but I love him and after seeing him with his baby look alike I had to see what our baby would look like♡
Jackson♥♡ he is seriously the sweetest person ever and he would be the best dad so definitely wanted to see what beautiful babies we created. our son is perfect♡
last but not least young jae♥♡ this is what happens when Im bored and im seriously so happy I did this I cant get over how adorable me and namjoons kids are and Me and GD make beautiful boys lol♡
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