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"It's a 'No' from me."

Simon Cowell is making his grand entry back to American television for the next season of America's Got Talent. Most fans of Cowell know him from being the meanest judge in the industry, coming up with bizarre analogies to inform contestants just how untalented they are. He was the beating heart to American Idol and then he created the X Factor. He is also the mastermind behind One Direction. He's blunt, always unimpressed, and when he smiles or claps, you know he sees stardom.
The news went public Thursday morning when Cowell revealed to the Today Show's Joe Fryer that the network reached out to Cowell to join the panel. "I had sort of popping up in my head... 'You know, if you are looking for a very good-looking British judge which sort of fits on this show, I know someone,'" Cowell joked.
Cowell will be replacing legendary radio host, Howard Stern. Stern felt like he's had his fair share of time on the talent show and is now looking forward to focusing all of his energy on the radio waves. When Cowell was asked if all contestants will have a fair shot once he arrives, he quickly echoed an assertive, "If they're good, yes. But if they're terrible, no."
Unsurprisingly, Cowell also noted, "I can't sit in front of someone who's useless and say, 'Take a couple of singing lessons and everything will be fine.'"
It's only a matter of time before fans flock to AGT to tune in just to watch Cowell's commentary. After all, he is the best in the business.

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Are you excited for Cowell's return?
I'm so excited I love him he is my favorite judge
I'm excited! He's def not just a show-off. He knows his shit and his style makes all the shows much better!
I can see this show doing really well with him though. I think it was almost too positive before. Excited to see what he decides to do with this!
Oh man! This is going to be a doosey!
@mchlyang yes he does. That's why I like him. And honestly, he's the most accurate representation of the audition process that I've seen on tv. I have been to more auditions than you could imagine. The proctors/reps/agents/directors are NOT always nice and flowery, etc. They can be brutal as hell. Some are downright mean. If people can't handle it, they shouldn't be in the business. I look forward to seeing him back on my tv! :)