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so I can't change the channel because the tv does that sometimes lol so it's stuck in the disney channel and in the morning it's disney junior... anyway... pororo is huge here in Korea but had never really watched it ever!
haha im dying here so I had to share. the episode is about this dinosaur and he only likes to eat meat, and his friends suggest he eat salads as well and vegetables but he refuses. later on he is shown in the bathroom trying to pool but can't. it goes on a little bit this way lol later the poop fairy comes and tell him to eat better next time, so he does.
so he ate salad and pooped a lot easier. should I be making a card about this? I don't know lol but I found this super funny. I have a lil sister and watched many lil kids shoes but they teach manners or Spanish words lol this show (in this episode) teaches you to eat healthier so that when you poop you won't be strained =) ah korean t.v.
@MattK95 I just know back home... never lol so it's funny
Well it is important to know...even if it is a little strange at the same time...